Comfy Chair Cushioned with Built-In Storage

 Is this the lost-and-found paradise? A unique and comfortable chair plans to be your perfect companion during your lounging activity. Although seen as a traditional enemy to keeping your keys, money, pens and other small objects safe, this one cushioned chair will impress you from the very moment you lay your eyes on it. The design is genius! Mimicking the process of a normal pin cushion, Daisuke Motogi Architecture took the entire world by surprise when it applied the same principle to a chair. The clever piece of furniture is made from pixel-like pads that cover its whole surface. And it does so with the most care for comfort possible! Both inside the chair and outside it, slots are formed between the pads that will act like holders for almost any type of object that you will likely have in this sort of environment (books, remotes, drinks). It might be a bit tricky to clean it, but the Lost & Found Comfortable Chair will definitely be a blessing for your home. A perfect addition to the interior design and a useful holder for all of your stuff!


Transform a Regular Dining Table Into a Very Nice Pool Table

When it comes to entertainment, we would like to have most of the facilities in one place. That's why intricate entertainment units (that combine TV with internet and audio systems) have such a huge success among fun lovers. And when you thought there isn't anything more left to see in this area, we are pleased to show you this awesome luxurious Billiards and Dining Table Model with Flap Table. What this piece of furniture actually is, as clearly seen in the images, is a table which can easily transform itself from a regular coffee or dining table, into a very nice pool table. The top opening covers greatly a billiard table which is high-quality and will definitely save you much-needed space for other types of activities (like a board games night). The special hinges installed in the table can be opened at 270 degrees in order to make room for the billiards surface. The table has drawers for the set of balls, as well as a triangle, 6 pieces of chalk and 4 extra cue tips. Two cues are also provided. It comes in various sizes and you can have it in the color you desire to match the décor of the room you place it in. The product is completely manufactured from MDF in E-1 standard and protected by patents owned by the company. Bottom line is that with this table, you can have a normal yet stylish table while being able to transform it very comfortably into an entertainment opportunity!


The Rekindle by Benjamin Shine

We all agree that candles can be quite the romantic ambiance setter. They come in all sizes and shapes, and can release almost any kind of fragrance you might think of when lit, to the entire room. But there is a problem with candles! A problem that nearly prevents people from using candles in a regular way. The thing we're talking about is the melting wax, of course. Although seen as a romantic addition to an interesting foreplay, melting was is kind of a pest to furniture and fabric. When you lit a candle, you are constantly worried about the wax not burning off your bedside counter or living room coffee table. With the Rekindle Candle you don't have to think like that anymore! The special designed candlestick holder is actually collecting the drips of hot wax that melt away when the candle is burning. The wax is accumulated into a transparent stem around a centrally positioned wick. When filled, you can easily remove the new candle from the container and start all over again. The beautiful and very useful product can be made in stainless steel but also in porcelain and aluminum. One use of this device and you will definitely want to use it again and again, every day, turning you into a cureless romantic!

The Ironing Board/Mirror

This next item is a very useful one for all the ladies who like to be neat and elegant all the time. The great thing about it is the two-in-one aspect, and namely that it is both an ironing table and a mirror. The object is called „madame est servie” and it has two positions: one horizontal one, when it becomes an ironing board and one vertical position when it transforms to a mirror. It has a lock that helps you secure it in every position and you won’t have to worry about its stability. The ironing board/mirror can be cleaned easily as it from a material that is both high quality and very practical to use. In case you don’t have a larger mirror in your home, but you would like to see your outfit before going out in town or at work, then the mirror will be very helpful as it is long enough to see yourself from head to toe in it. Once you have found the perfect spot for this object you can use it in your day to day activities as it is easy to lift and you can just grab it and take it exactly where you need it to be. If you don’t have much space in your home this ironing board/mirror is also very easy to store as you can just secure it in the vertical position and place it behind or near your drawer.


Creative Ways to Decorate Easter Eggs

Making the home ready for Easter requires you to prepare at least a couple of eggs in a festive way. We suggest you try and make some Polka Dot patterns on colored eggs. It’s a simple and fun way, because it involves using stickers. Here is what you will need to use in this DIY project:

a cup of water;
a tablespoon of white vinegar;
some boiled white-shell eggs;
food coloring;
simple circle stickers;
a metallic spoon;
ribbons and lace straps;
a basket;

First of all, boil your eggs and work with them after they're cooled off. Apply the round stickers onto each egg. Now, work with a glass of water in which you add the vinegar and food coloring of your choice. Stir with the spoon for a bit. Use the same spoon to dip the egg in for half a minute. You could play with the final shading, leaving the egg in the water more for a darker color and fewer for a lighter one. Take out and dry them before removing the stickers. You can rub the surface with some olive oil to give them a bit of a shine. Congratulations, the Easter Eggs are done! Decorate a basket with ribbons and lace straps, place your eggs in this basket and have a Happy Easter!

Cute Elephant `Painting` Out Of Buttons

You might see more and more complex DIY projects out there on the internet. Some will teach you how to make exquisite dishes and some will show you how to build yourself an entire home out of logs. We'll show you how to make a cute elephant `painting` out of buttons, which can go perfectly as a baby shower gift! This is all that you will need:

·         a bunch of colorful buttons;
·         a piece of cardboard or canvas;
·         glue;
·         (optional) pencil or marker;
·         a black frame;

We want to warn you that the following steps do require some artistic skills of a 4 year-old. So, firstly think about what the elephant should look like. You can simply copy the example shown here or come up with a more authentic one. While you're at it, feel free to experiment with different poses of the elephant, or any other kind of animal for that matter! If you like a slug, then do the snail; it's entirely up to you. The next steps are quite easy and will transport you to the days of craft classes in school. Glue each button, one at a time, to the canvas or cardboard. Use different type of colored buttons to mimic different objects, like grass or balloons. You could use a pencil or marker in order to make some of the smoother or not the easy shapes: the little heart or the string for the balloons. When the glue has dried completely and your `painting` has hardened, put a black frame around it. Done!


Use Green Papaya for Uric Acid Problem

Healthcare is on the lips of every journalist and politician nowadays. And for once, they are talking about a real issue in everyday life of ordinary people. We tend to care more and more about our health, not because there are lots of new and crushing diseases out there, but because it is now easy to treat ourselves right at home. Sure, medicine and modern pharmacology has come a great length into fighting infections and serious illness, but some natural remedies are still working great. Specialists even advise on reducing the amount of antibiotics people use for treatment, and let the immunity system fight its battles. But we can help the immune system get stronger and stronger with a bunch of natural herbs and homemade solutions. Mixing regular green tea with some green papaya cubes will get you impressive results if you got uric acid issues. Or gout for that matter! The effects of drinking regularly this potion will be seen after a couple of weeks.  

All you have to do is:

1. Cut 1 green papaya in little cubes and mix them into boiling water.
2. Add green tea leaves into the water when it starts to boil.
3. Using another papaya as a tea pot, cut off its top and remove the seeds from within.
4. Make a small hole with a sharp knife into the upper side part of the fruit.
5. Pour the tea into it and cover with the top which you cut earlier. 
6. Serve right away!