DIY Snow Globe Ornament

As the holidays are approaching we are thinking about ways to decorate our house. What do you say about capturing the essence of Christmas in a glass ball? We have everything planned for this. You just need to follow these steps.
First, get a grip of these materials:

  •         a transparent glass ball;
  •        miniature evergreen tree or photo;
  •        white or clear glitter;
  •        a pair of tweezers;
  •        hot glue gun;
  •        small funnel;

The first step is removing the metal top from the ornament. After this, add glue at the bottom, by pouring a few drops through the hole and quickly placing the miniature tree. Be careful to get tweezers inside the ball, before you let the tree touch the glue. Use the tweezers to position it correctly. We advise you to don’t use the glue gun when it has just barely heated. Also, make sure to push the tree as hard as you can, so it can stick. You then have to hold the tree in place until the glue dries.
Decorate with some glitter. Don’t overfill the glass with this, as it will look ugly. Glue the top back on the ornament. Do this with care, so not to break it and not to burn your fingers when you apply pressure on it. And you’re finished! You can now transform your house into a place of Christmas joy.