The Best Eye Shadow For Your Eye Color

Every chic girl should know how to create the perfect make-up and how to match that make-up to an evening outfit. But what is most important is to realize a make-up that is in harmony with your eye color, this way it will really make your eyes stunning. So here is a small guide that teaches you which eye shadow color to use according to the color of your eyes. Brown eyes are the most common, but this doesn't mean they don't need to stand out. So to make your eyes amazing match them with nuances of violet, purple and blue. It is the most neutral eye color and you can practically choose from a wide range of eye shadow colors. Hazel eyed girls can follow the same color pattern as the brown eyed ones, but darker shades of green also work well for them. Amber eyes look amazing if combined with warm colored eye shadow and soft shades of blue, like sky blue. Aqua eyes also go well with the warmer colors such as blue, and shades of brown that will create a nice contrast. Girls with green eyes are advised to use purple shades when choosing their eye shadow, but silver can also add a nice touch to your beautiful green eyes. Blue eyes can look really amazing with shades of blue eye shadow and with soft and warm colors. Keep in mind that all eye colors are beautiful, but choosing the correct eye shadow color will make you look even more special and stunning.