Lace Braid Roses For Long Hair - Tutorial

If you are preparing for a special occasion and need a beautiful hairstyle that matches your fancy dress, this next braid will be perfect. It is a braid that will make you hair look as if you have roses in it and it is great if you have long hair. Follow the steps below and look at the pictures for some guidance if you feel lost. The hairstyle will be ready in 20 minutes. To make the braid you will need the following items:

·         2 small elastics;
·         1 medium elastic;
·         2 clips;
·         bobby pins;
·         hairbrush;
·         hair spray (to fix the braid);

Comb your hair and grab a section of your hair from the right side and braid it the classic way by gradually adding sections from one side of the braid. Finish the bottom of the section into a normal braid. Secure it with an elastic. Repeat the same process on the left side. Take another section from the right side and do the same thing as you did with the other two braids and do it once again on the left side too. Take the top braid from the right side and roll it into a rose from the bottom to the top. Secure it with bobby pins. Repeat the same steps with the top braid from the left side. Take the two remaining braids from each side and braid them together the classic way. Fix with an elastic and that is all. You get a very stylish and sophisticated braid, perfect for any occasion.