Mini Garden: Our Own Piece Of Nature Replicated On a Smaller Scale

Mini gardens or miniature gardens are a solution for those of us who live in an apartment and wish to have our own piece of nature – replicated on a smaller scale – to care for at home or at the office. A simple pot or tray of soil is sufficient to carry this activity on, planting several varieties of dwarf plants, cacti, and various twigs or seeds. But by decorating the entire perimeter at your own liking, you will become a true decorator. And in this manner, obtain a beautiful and unique garden. Be the envy of your friends with a fairytale looking piece of garden in a pot. However, this also calls for nursing the plant. With minimum effort, you will obtain a creative decorative corner that will surely impress your guests. Make sure you use plenty of materials to give it that diversity of a real-size garden.