Bavarian Landscape: Eco-friendly House With Unusual Shape in Germany

Blended in the Bavarian landscape, the minimalist approach of Stein Hemmes Wirtz to natural architecture, makes building modern, contemporary and eco-friendly homes more beautiful and inspiring. The unique and green-energy oriented design sets this residence apart from any other in Germany. Adapting to the irregular sloping of the land, the shape of the roof and whole impressing aspect of the structure is what defines the house from a long distance. Materials are also in balance with the natural concept.
To make sure it suits the standards for an ecological building, the architectural lines were blended with modern solar panels. The connection with nature is made with eco building materials, wood making the main statement in this area; on the outside terrace, but specifically on the whole exterior of the house. Wood covering the structure (with no industrial glue used) gives more mobility than concrete would ever achieve.