Tasty Chocolate Cherry Pie

Stop the search for an easy recipe to implement for lunch at work or at home! Thanks to this website, you will know how to make a delicious frozen dessert. It will leave everybody who grabs a bite out of it craving more. Bring your skills and make sure you have the following ingredients:

two dozen Oreo cookies;
a couple tablespoons of butter;
a box of cherry-flavored gelatin;
a cup of boiling water;
a container of frozen whipped topping;
a pack of frozen cherries;
a cup of boiling water;
half a cup of ice;

Mix the butter with cookies in a food processor until you get a crumbled composition. Put it in the 9 inches pie plate and press it with some waxed paper, and leave it to settle. Meanwhile, stir the gelatin in some boiling water. Pour ice and continue to stir. Do the same with whipped topping and cherries. Mix well and don't stop till it becomes smooth. Pour over the cookie crust and freeze for a couple of hours or until when it becomes firm. Remove from the fridge and enjoy!