20 Tips to Decorate Small Apartments

1. If you have the possibility, get rid of the common wardrobes and dressings, by constructing some wardrobes in the niches of the wall. This way you’ll gain extra-space, so necessary for a small dimensioned flat.
2. Get rid of the classical doors by replacing them with sliding ones made of wood or glass.
3. Don’t buy big pieces of furniture – these will agglomerate the already small space of the house. For e.g., use a folding house instead of a middle bed.
4. In a small, cramped kitchen, replace the ordinary table with a folding one which you could fold when not used, thus gaining extra-space.
5. Use wisely the height of the walls. For e.g., in the living room, a practical solution is to acquire a custom-made library with shelves, drawers and cabinets high to ceiling. You’ll obtain this way more space for storing books, electronics, articles for personal use or even clothes, while the other walls will be left free.
6. Try keeping the space on the floor as empty as possible. Replace the classical library with pendent shelves.
7. Choose light colored pieces of furniture which will visually enlarge the room.
8. If you prefer modern styles of arrangement, you can buy furniture with glossy fronts which will reflect the natural light in a pleasant way.
9. The doors made of transparent or opaque glass of the libraries or even of the kitchen cabinets also contribute to the visual enlargement of the small spaces.
10. Another simple trick is to acquire legged furniture. The designers say that the legged pieces of furniture bring additional fluidity when it comes to restrained spaces.
11. Even though white enlarges and lights any room, dare to use as well some other colors for decorating the interior of a small house. You can transform radically a room by painting one of the four walls of the room, or covering it with wallpaper of a contrastive shade. In the living, you can choose the wall where the bureau for TV is placed or that where the sofa is found, while in the bedroom, you may opt for the wall next to the bed.
12. Don’t abuse of the patterns. Exceedingly used, the pattern can burden visually the room, making it look smaller than it actually is. Instead, you can use the horizontally-stripped pattern to decorate a wall if you want to enlarge a small living room or the vertically-stripped one in order to extend it visually upwards.
13. Get rid of agglomeration. We all are attached of old things, emotionally charged, that we hardly get rid of. Advice: Sort and give up those things you’ve barely used in the latest years and you’ll realize that you have more storing space and you’ll organize your things currently used far much easier.
14. Settle the place of every object and, immediately after using it, put it at its very place. A well-arranged house seems larger. This way, you’ll keep it ordered and tidied.
15. Don’t hesitate to use outsized paintings in the decoration of a small apartment. A trick is to use a blue-shaded painting to give a plus of profundity to the room.
16. Don’t forget the mirror effect. For example, a very small bathroom could double its surface by full tiling the wall with mirrors.
17. Replace the bathtub with a shower cabinet. This way, you’ll gain more space which you can use for the laundry basket or even for the washing machine.
18. No matter how much you’d like the dark-colored tile, give up using it in a small-dimensioned room. Use instead the lustrous, light-colored tile, the mosaic that reflects pleasantly the light, or the panels made of colored glass.
19. Install as many light sources generally and locally placed. The lack of light can transform even the largest room in a small and burdensome one.
20. Get rid of the hard, opaque curtains in favor of the loose, transparent one which allows the natural light to pervade the room.

Designed by Craft Design located in London, UK.