DIY Paper Evergreens

As the topic of the month is preparing for Christmas, this next tutorial is a perfect one for the DIY enthusiasts. The tutorial is about how to make a Christmas tree out of paper. It is also a way to keep you apartment clean as you don’t need to clean after the Christmas tree is dry and all you have left are the fallen branches. So here is what you have to purchase for this project:

• adjustable circle cutter
• card stock, colored green
• bone folder
• a pair of scissors;
• wooden skewers;
• hot-glue gun;
• wooden spools of 1 1/8-inch (for the small trees);
• wooden spools of 1 15/16-inch (for the large trees);
• gold beads;

The first step is to make the large Christmas tree. For this use the circle cutter to make circles from 2 to 6 inch diameters large out of the green card stock. For the small trees don’t make the 6 inch circles. Then, use the bone folder to fold each circle in half 4 times. When they are folded, just pinch of the tip of each circle, making a small hole in the middle.

Take the wooden skewer and put the smallest circle on its pointed end. Now take the hot-glue gun and put some glue under the circle, where the paper touches the skew. Make sure the glue sticks. From smallest circle to large, take one at a time and put the rest of the circles in the skewer. Glue them together.

Take a spool and place the bottom of the skewer into it and then cut the skewer to the size you want (the ones in the pictures were cut to 6, 9 and 10 inches). The important thing is that only the spool should be visible from under the tree. Now put the skewer back in the spool and fix with glue. Decorate with the gold beads by gluing one to the top of the tree and the rest on the tree so they look like globes. Done!

25 Easy Hairstyles With Braids [tutorial]

Impressing people doesn't involve only clothing and a welcoming home. The more you try to add something extra onto you, the harder it will be to act natural and feel comfortable. So, why don't you experiment with some interesting hairstyles? You can still give an exotic impression by trying the French or Dutch braids. Drop people's jaws with a complex style like ladder, lace or waterfall. The more intricate your braid is, the more attention to detail you suggest to others. Receiving a compliment will be so easy. Don’t think about it too much. Be bold and try one of these 25 awesome hairstyles. You will definitely be the center of attention.
25 Easy Hairstyles With Braids

DIY Crown Braid Tutorial For Medium-Long Hair [VIDEO]

Give your hair the coolest style with this DIY crown braid. If done right, this hair due will last overnight and you will look elegant and royal for 2 days straight. There are some steps you must take in order to achieve this result. So, before you begin the process, separate the bangs or fringe area in a heavy side.
Make a pair of ponytails by separating the hair into 2 sections with a zigzag part and using elastic bands. Work with one section at a time. Take out the elastic and separate the hair in 3 diagonally-split pieces. Now make a normal tri-strand braid, starting with the outermost section and crossing it over the center, then taking the inner one and crossing it over the center. As you do this, remember to pull the hair to the opposite side where the ponytail is. When you’re done, secure with an elastic band and start the same work on the other ponytail section, repeating the same steps. You will notice that the pieces will begin to cross over one another, while you braid diagonally downward. Wrap a band around it when you’re finished.

Keep the braid in place with the help of a small bobby pin placed underneath, and wrap one braid around to the front. Do this motion for the other braid as well. Take the tails of each section, tuck them, and – in order to hide the loose ends – loop through the petals of each braid. Repeat with the other section of braid. It’s done. Wonderful!

Christmas Hairstyles: Rudolph Bun

Christmas is not just about decorating the house, but also improving your own style and wardrobe. Making a cute hairstyle is just one way to achieve this. Be creative and try all kind of festive styles, like this Rudolph bun. You will need:
• a bun mold;
• a piece of elastic;
• bobby pins;
• some (reindeer) hair clips;
• hairpins glued with foam or buttons (for eyes and nose);
• brown pipe cleaners (antlers);

The first step is to pull your entire hair in a ponytail. Then, put the bun mold over it, and spread the hair evenly using the mold. Take a piece of elastic and wrap it around the top of the hair plus mold. Twist any string of hair that wasn’t secure in the bun, wrap them around the base and hold in place with bobby pins. Place in the eyes and nose, like in the picture, in order to get that fun aspect. Finish with sticking the antlers gently in the hair, either at buns’ base or into the mold.
Photos credit: princesspiggies

DIY Book Christmas Tree

If your library is a little too overcrowded, this Christmas is your chance to turn that problem into an opportunity. Try a bit of creativity with this DIY transformation of a hardback book into a small Christmas tree. In this tutorial you will learn how to fashion the basic tree, but you are encouraged to carry on the technique to baubles, tinsel, stars and fairies decorations. Make sure you have:

• one old book that you’re never going to read anyway;
• one pencil or pen;
• one sharp craft knife;
• some masking tape;
• some old paper;
• some green spray paint;

Start by opening the book to the inside of the cover page. From the top of the book close to the spine, ending at the bottom of the book at the corner, draw a zigzag shape with the use of the pen or pencil.

Take the sharp craft knife and start to cut from the top and spine to bottom and loose edge. Let the knife do the work. Cut only through a few pages at a time, not the entire book at once. It won’t work, even if you have a Samurai sword at your disposal.

Keep cutting with patience and determination. It might be easier to cut from the apex of each V shape, rather than trying to trace the entire shape in a single try. Don’t get too excited and cut all the way through the covers! So, the desired final shape we are looking for is a tree – when you open the book – and an unreadable pile of pages in the same time.

Use the spray paint to give your tree a nice green color. You can now place it as a table display, use it instead of a Christmas card (this is the case for smaller books, of course), or as your center-piece decoration for this year’s Christmas.


Make your own Mod Podge

If you had a long relationship with the DIY world, you most definitely have run across many interesting materials and tools with which you designed some pretty awesome stuff. But if you’re new to the field, maybe you have asked yourself more than once what is Mod Podge. Sure, you can find it in the hobby shops but can you make it at home? The answer is yes! Save up to 6 $ and make the whole mess involved in making it worthwhile.
You must first start with the labeling process, like shown in the photos, because there could be a mess later on and you’ll want to preserve the jar for other uses as well; a sticky label won’t do any good. You can find in the link below all you need to do.
Make good use of your homemade Mod Podge in your projects!

How To Make A Beautiful Scarf

Why should you spend about 50$ for a scarf from a fancy shop, when you can fashion your own right at home with a cost of only 7$?! The DIY community is always thinking about how to save extra bucks and replacing the often industrialized versions of clothing with homemade ones. For this you infinity scarf you will need 2 long tubes of fabric. This is what you must do. Use the pictures as guidelines, as it is very hard to explain in words.

1. Fold in the middle of each piece of fabric and overlap them on top of each other to make a couple of loops;
2. Grab the ends of the top (purple in our case) loop by reaching arm underneath the crook of the blue or bottom loop;
3. Take the ends of the top loop and pull them back through the crook of the bottom; lay them over the bottom crook;
4. Make sure the knot is in the middle by straightening and cinching;
5. Spread the ends of the top loop away from each other;
6. Grab the tails of the top ends by reaching between the top and under the bottom crook;
7. Pull the top ends back through the bottom loop and continue to pull through in order to lay them over the bottom;
8. Pull all of the 4 ends to cinch the knots tighter and shift to make them compact;
9. Make the knots uniform and nice looking by adjusting or twisting until you are comfortable with the result.

DIY Painted Bowl

Simple wooden bowls look good on the coffee table, but colorful ones are great in the living room, giving the whole space an elegant ambiance. Inspired by the visual arts, a touch of paint will brighten up your home and transform the plain bowl into a couple of fun pieces of decoration. You will need:

• any size wooden bowls;
• some tape;
• a pair of Scissors
• sandpaper;
• a couple of paint brushes;
• some craft paint;

For steps follow the link below..

DIY Unique iPad Clutch

A unique accessory for the winter is rather difficult to find and extra-hard to make yourself. When you’re oriented to fashion and also into tech-trends, you can achieve the impossible and manufacture a one-of-a-kind piece of handmade: this amazing clutch for your iPad. Colored in this season’s must have combos – orange, pink, black and white – the clutch matches the rush surrounding the Christmas holidays. In order to make your own, grab these materials:

• a pair of scissors;
• a durable kitchen drawer liner;
• heavy duty colorful tapes;
• Velcro;

It’s actually easy to make. Start by measuring how large the clutch should be around the iPad, and use the scissors to trim it to size. Next, fold the bottom part upward. In order to seal and secure use the colorful tapes all around just like in the image. Go on with taping, making sure there aren’t any air bubbles or other kind of lumps. Be creative and use any color scheme you like. Finally, place the pieces of Velcro to properly close the clutch. Your perfect winter accessory is completed!

Nutella Christmas Braided Brioche

This year, you should make your Christmas decorations in the form of food. Or better yet, food in the shape of a Christmas decoration. Try this delicious and creative bread with Nutella. We offered a recipe for a type of bread before (but in a different shape) and we received a lot of valuable feedback. So we tried a different approach with this. Here is what you’ll need:

  • 250 g of 00 flour;
  • 250 g of Manitoba flour;
  • 2 eggs;
  • 60 g sugar;
  • 180 ml of milk;
  • 30 g butter;
  • 1 packet of dry yeast;
  • Nutella;
  • 2 tablespoons of milk to use before baking;

The way to do it isn’t that hard. Start by mixing the two type of flour with each other, add the yeast and sugar, mix well and form a hole in the center. Break eggs, beat them slightly, and then add the milk and melted butter. Work with your hands to form a soft dough. Afterward, cover the bowl with plastic wrap and let it rise until it doubles in volume.

Next, divide the dough into 4 equal pieces, roll each into a triangle form from which you cut at the bottom, so you’ll achieve a tree-like shape (just like in the photo). Put the first shape on the baking sheet and spread over a layer of Nutella, leaving 1 cm from the edges. Cover with the other shape by placing it gently and sealing the edges well, then spread on top another layer of Nutella. Continue until there aren’t any shape left; the top one shouldn’t be covered with chocolate.

Make some cuts in order to do the twists, as they are shown in the figure. When you have completed this, let it rise for about 30 minutes then brush gently with some milk. Bake in the oven for about 25-30 minutes at 180 degrees. The result is one delicious chocolate brioche in the shape of a lovely Christmas tree.

Crocodile Stitch Hoods and Hooded Capes by Bonita Patterns

Crochet is grasping more ground and more ground on the commercial market, potentially turning a DIY hobby into a money-making endeavor. Proof that handmade products are not just a fad for inexpensive and environment friendly people, but a legitimate supply for people of all kinds. For example, this crocodile stitch hood is more than a delight in those chilly days. And nowadays, with just 12 $ you can buy the pattern and instructions needed for making three different sizes of this crochet style of wardrobe. The pattern is recommended for beginner and intermediate manufacturers of crochet, the pack including a detailed photo tutorial, as well as written instructions (in US crochet terms).

Half Up Half Down Celtic Knot

If you are tired of braiding your hair the classical way, this tutorial will come in handy for you and will teach you how to make a Celtic braid. It is ideal for any occasion, a simple walk in the park or a fancy party and will surely turn some heads as everyone will be asking you about how to make this nice braid. First of all start with taking a chunk of hair from the left part of your head to make a loop on one side of your hair, like in the picture. Then from the other side, take another section of hair and put it under the loop. Now pull this section of hair under the other one. Make sure to keep it tight in order to look good. Now roll this chunk of hair under the first one, pulling it through the loop, as shown in the picture. Then find the bottom of the loop and pull the two ends to fix the braid. And that is all. Be sure you follow the pictures step by step as they will help you in creating this cute braid.

VIDEO – Celtic Heart Half-Up Half-Down Hairstyle

DIY Zipper Purse

In case of a fabric crisis, you don't need to panic. Handmade items, like purses, can be fashioned out of almost anything, including zippers. With a clever use of different colors, you can also achieve a creative and lively accessory. Make sure you have:

• 14 pieces of 7 inches zippers of various colors;
• 7 pieces of 22 inches zippers (these will be used for horizontal strips and handles);
• a pair of scissors;
• some straight pins;
• hot glue;

The project uses All Purpose Zippers and 8 steps in making a colorful purse from a bunch of individual zippers. First, you will need to lay out your pattern of creatively weaved zippers on the table, and pin in place, as you see in the image provided. Then, take each side and pin them (temporary) together in place, in order to make the tote. Next, beginning from the bottom corner, use the hot glue to bring the ends together. If there is the need to keep the woven pattern consistent, trim off the ends of some zippers.

Afterward the bottom is completed you can remove the pins from the side. Repeat the trimming process from before as needed. With the zipper pull end on the top and the raw edges under a vertical zipper, weave in the ends and use the glue to hold in place.

Next, the raw edges of the vertical zipper need their top ends to be wrapped over the top horizontal zipper and glued to the inside of your soon-to-be purse. You should now take care of the vertical zippers that are on the inside. Glue their ends to the top horizontal zipper.

Almost done! You only need to cut 2 pieces of zippers to a length of 10 inches and glue them to the underside top edge of the tote. With the remaining scraps of zippers and the hot glue, cover all the raw ends around the inside parameter of the tote. You now are the proud owner of a unique handmade Zipper Purse.

DIY Christmas Nail Art

The Christmas period is not just about preparing your home for winter and Santa's visit. All aspects of your life must embrace the holiday spirit and show a jolly mood. That is why it's important that even your nails are dressed appropriately for the occasion. Find plenty of models for inspiration pick up a paint brush and draw away. How about the whole reindeer squad, some tiny stockings ganging from your cuticles, little Santa hats, or even a frosty snowman smiling from the top of your nails? Whether you choose to decorate with some painted lights or Mr. Clause’s jacket, your hand will be in the true holiday mood.

DIY Unique Desktop Lamp

Lamps are a great way to create an intimate atmosphere for your home. Perfect for reading a book in the afternoon or enjoying a romantic evening, a lamp can make the difference between an open transparent décor and a lovely personal ambiance. Even better than just placing a lamp from the store into your living room, design one yourself. All you will need is:

• glue;
• some thin PVC tubes;
• a bunch of old newspapers, or plain / colored paper;
• gardening scissors;

Although many people have argued that paper, especially newspaper, can easily catch fire from a lamp, it is rarely when an ordinary lamp (not an industrial one!) emits such a strong light that is able to fire up cellulose. So, the choice is up to you. You can either work with plain tubes or decorate them in the suggested method.
This implies rolling the newspaper in a tubular shape using a big sheet folded in half for a sturdier structure. A desk lamp of medium size entails about a hundred of these tubes. Glue the ends shut. Cover the tubes using the color paper you want. You could also paint them; use wall paint because spray paint won’t last as long. With the gardening scissors, remove the ends of each tube. Now, stick the tubes together with glue. Here is where your creativity comes into play. Stack the tubes one over each other in a manner it resembles a nest; you will have to constantly move around the shape to give it a nice look in the end. Place over (or work around an offline lamp the whole time) the lamp and you are done.

DIY Dog Sweater

source: DIY Dog Sweater - OurDailyIdeas

DIY Unique Jewelry Stand

Everybody loves a nice piece of jewelry. If you own some spectacular ones, you wouldn’t want them to lay all clumped-up in a drawer. But what if you found yourself short on jewelry stands? Well, you can make one for yourself right at home. And you don’t have to buy expensive materials and tools to fashion it. Make sure you have some rubber gloves (like washing gloves), plaster liquid, a piece of wood board to act like a holder for the glove, and some patience.

The tricky part is making plaster. You can try mixing 2 cups of warm water and 3 cups of white flour and stir in order to form a paste without lumps in it. You could also try mixing glue (2 parts) with water (1 part), and continuing to add water in the stirring process until your blend becomes soupy, but with little gluey consistency. You then take the glove and place it through the wooden board and gently pour the plaster in it. When it’s full, just put the board in a place where the plaster can harden. After that, you just rip the glove off your brand new all-white jewelry stand.

Cute Hot Dog

Making food more funs by decorating it is one sure way to sell off your dish. Smiling omelette, cat-shaped cake, or snowman looking vegetables, people are really trying to show some creativity when it comes to their cooking. Nobody says you have to do this as well, but if you like to add a little spark to the boring look of normal food, you will need to have:

  • a knife;
  • hot-dog sausages;
  • classic bread dough;
  • (optional) a bread machine;
  • black beans;
  • mustard;
Sure, you can go all DIY and make your own bread in this process. Using the modern approach – with a bread machine – or the traditional way – with the help of your hands, some dough and an oven – you will have your homemade hot-dog bread in no time. Take the dough and turn it into as many pieces of hot-dog buns you like and then let them rise for some 15 minutes. Then take the knife and wield it to make ears for the dog. Let the composition rise for some time in a warm place. When the dough has doubled in size, fashion eyes and nose from the black beans and throw them into the oven at 400 degrees F, for 10 minutes. Cut the buns open and place the boiled or fried sausages along some mustard. Enjoy!

DIY Nail Art

Making art is very easy nowadays, with the DIY movement growing stronger in numbers by the day. Today it's all about personalizing your style with art. And your nails are the perfect temporary canvas for this. In just 6 simple steps, you can transform an ordinary nail coloring to an extravagant yet elegant artwork. First of all, color your nail. After the paint has dried up, take a pair of scissors and cut some bandage tape. Place the strips in a way that the color visible from the gaps is geometrically pleasing and art oriented. You can see triangle like forms in the image, but you can experiment with whatever shape you desire; after all, art like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Then, the next step is to paint over the nail (with the strips still taped on) with a different contrasting color. Remove the bandage tape. Add a small dot with the tip of to nail brush to finish your artwork.

Decorative Mirror With Egg Cartons

Here is a DIY project idea which is easy, fun and also environmentally friendly as it is a recycling project. We’ll show you how to make a floral mirror out of egg cartons. Easy and really cheap, as most of you already have the egg cartons in your home which you were probably thinking of throwing away. But this tutorial will make you think twice about that. So here is what you’ll need for the project:
  • 12 cup egg cartons (in case you are making a small mirror you’ll only need 5),
  • hot glue gun with glue sticks,
  • a mirror tile or a small mirror without the frame,
  • 3mm MDF,
  • paint,
  • scissors,
  • drill and hanging wire.
Firstly you will have to cut the cups of the egg cartons. Cut into each corner of the cup 1 slit and cut each piece in a way that it forms a petal. Then repeat this step, thus creating more roses. Then make a third cup, but this time cut the petal smaller, and roll them so they make a bud shape. Take your hot glue and glue these 3 petals together. On top put a layer made out of smaller petals. Repeat the entire process until you have enough roses to cover the sides (frame) of the mirror. You can either spray the roses with paint, choose the color you like or leave them like this, it’s your choice. If spraying, let them dry.
Now take the MDF and measures its sides in order to cut 3cm across it. Trace a line and join the marks to make a triangle. Then you just have to place your mirror in the center of it, trace it around and remove. On the top of the mirror drill 2 holes and place a hanging wire through the holes. Then secure it and paint the border made out of MDF. Next on you’ll need to glue the mirror, so it remains in that place. Than starting from one side, glue the roses to the mirror, try to place the petals as close as possible, this way you won’t leave any gaps. Continue doing this until your whole frame is covered.

More Ideas:

How To Make A Centerpiece For Any Table

We present you how to make a centerpiece for your home, out of reused hangers. It is ideal to decorate any kind of tables and environments. If you like to make your own decorations, then this centerpiece is a must do. The materials you’ll need are the following: Hangers, colored varnish, round blades, screws, screw covers and universal glue. Begin with disarming the hangers. You will need 4 hangers for this project. Paint the round pieces with the colored varnish and let them dry for a few minutes. Make two holes in the center of the pieces, a four-time puncture and put two hangers to one side, making the other two hangers by making 3 more holes, 2 on the sides and 1 at the center. The next step is to take the round blades and cut 5 equal pieces.
Fix the centerpiece with the help of screws, place the two hangers with only two holes on the sides and then the two hangers with five holes to the center and connect them with round blades. At the end cover with the screw covers. Before finishing, fix together the center of the piece with the help of the universal glue. And there you have it, a unique and handmade centerpiece that will look nice on any table.

DIY - Creative Disk Bowl

       Musical records are a great treasure and you are a lucky person if you have some records in your home or even own a collection of them. But, what to do with old records that just don’t work anymore because they are damaged or scratched? Why not make a retro-looking disc bowl out of them? You can do it yourself in a few easy steps:

1.  Preheat the oven to 200 Celsius degrees;
2.  Put the disk on top of a resistant container to heat, for example a cup or glass bowl.
3.  Wait some minutes while the disc begins to get soft and takes the form of the container.
4.  Remove it from oven (be prudent to avoid burns) and cool.
5.  Your bowl is ready!