Christmas Hairstyles: Rudolph Bun

Christmas is not just about decorating the house, but also improving your own style and wardrobe. Making a cute hairstyle is just one way to achieve this. Be creative and try all kind of festive styles, like this Rudolph bun. You will need:
• a bun mold;
• a piece of elastic;
• bobby pins;
• some (reindeer) hair clips;
• hairpins glued with foam or buttons (for eyes and nose);
• brown pipe cleaners (antlers);

The first step is to pull your entire hair in a ponytail. Then, put the bun mold over it, and spread the hair evenly using the mold. Take a piece of elastic and wrap it around the top of the hair plus mold. Twist any string of hair that wasn’t secure in the bun, wrap them around the base and hold in place with bobby pins. Place in the eyes and nose, like in the picture, in order to get that fun aspect. Finish with sticking the antlers gently in the hair, either at buns’ base or into the mold.
Photos credit: princesspiggies