DIY Unique iPad Clutch

A unique accessory for the winter is rather difficult to find and extra-hard to make yourself. When you’re oriented to fashion and also into tech-trends, you can achieve the impossible and manufacture a one-of-a-kind piece of handmade: this amazing clutch for your iPad. Colored in this season’s must have combos – orange, pink, black and white – the clutch matches the rush surrounding the Christmas holidays. In order to make your own, grab these materials:

• a pair of scissors;
• a durable kitchen drawer liner;
• heavy duty colorful tapes;
• Velcro;

It’s actually easy to make. Start by measuring how large the clutch should be around the iPad, and use the scissors to trim it to size. Next, fold the bottom part upward. In order to seal and secure use the colorful tapes all around just like in the image. Go on with taping, making sure there aren’t any air bubbles or other kind of lumps. Be creative and use any color scheme you like. Finally, place the pieces of Velcro to properly close the clutch. Your perfect winter accessory is completed!