DIY Paper Evergreens

As the topic of the month is preparing for Christmas, this next tutorial is a perfect one for the DIY enthusiasts. The tutorial is about how to make a Christmas tree out of paper. It is also a way to keep you apartment clean as you don’t need to clean after the Christmas tree is dry and all you have left are the fallen branches. So here is what you have to purchase for this project:

• adjustable circle cutter
• card stock, colored green
• bone folder
• a pair of scissors;
• wooden skewers;
• hot-glue gun;
• wooden spools of 1 1/8-inch (for the small trees);
• wooden spools of 1 15/16-inch (for the large trees);
• gold beads;

The first step is to make the large Christmas tree. For this use the circle cutter to make circles from 2 to 6 inch diameters large out of the green card stock. For the small trees don’t make the 6 inch circles. Then, use the bone folder to fold each circle in half 4 times. When they are folded, just pinch of the tip of each circle, making a small hole in the middle.

Take the wooden skewer and put the smallest circle on its pointed end. Now take the hot-glue gun and put some glue under the circle, where the paper touches the skew. Make sure the glue sticks. From smallest circle to large, take one at a time and put the rest of the circles in the skewer. Glue them together.

Take a spool and place the bottom of the skewer into it and then cut the skewer to the size you want (the ones in the pictures were cut to 6, 9 and 10 inches). The important thing is that only the spool should be visible from under the tree. Now put the skewer back in the spool and fix with glue. Decorate with the gold beads by gluing one to the top of the tree and the rest on the tree so they look like globes. Done!