DIY Unique Jewelry Stand

Everybody loves a nice piece of jewelry. If you own some spectacular ones, you wouldn’t want them to lay all clumped-up in a drawer. But what if you found yourself short on jewelry stands? Well, you can make one for yourself right at home. And you don’t have to buy expensive materials and tools to fashion it. Make sure you have some rubber gloves (like washing gloves), plaster liquid, a piece of wood board to act like a holder for the glove, and some patience.

The tricky part is making plaster. You can try mixing 2 cups of warm water and 3 cups of white flour and stir in order to form a paste without lumps in it. You could also try mixing glue (2 parts) with water (1 part), and continuing to add water in the stirring process until your blend becomes soupy, but with little gluey consistency. You then take the glove and place it through the wooden board and gently pour the plaster in it. When it’s full, just put the board in a place where the plaster can harden. After that, you just rip the glove off your brand new all-white jewelry stand.