How To Make A Beautiful Scarf

Why should you spend about 50$ for a scarf from a fancy shop, when you can fashion your own right at home with a cost of only 7$?! The DIY community is always thinking about how to save extra bucks and replacing the often industrialized versions of clothing with homemade ones. For this you infinity scarf you will need 2 long tubes of fabric. This is what you must do. Use the pictures as guidelines, as it is very hard to explain in words.

1. Fold in the middle of each piece of fabric and overlap them on top of each other to make a couple of loops;
2. Grab the ends of the top (purple in our case) loop by reaching arm underneath the crook of the blue or bottom loop;
3. Take the ends of the top loop and pull them back through the crook of the bottom; lay them over the bottom crook;
4. Make sure the knot is in the middle by straightening and cinching;
5. Spread the ends of the top loop away from each other;
6. Grab the tails of the top ends by reaching between the top and under the bottom crook;
7. Pull the top ends back through the bottom loop and continue to pull through in order to lay them over the bottom;
8. Pull all of the 4 ends to cinch the knots tighter and shift to make them compact;
9. Make the knots uniform and nice looking by adjusting or twisting until you are comfortable with the result.