DIY Crown Braid Tutorial For Medium-Long Hair [VIDEO]

Give your hair the coolest style with this DIY crown braid. If done right, this hair due will last overnight and you will look elegant and royal for 2 days straight. There are some steps you must take in order to achieve this result. So, before you begin the process, separate the bangs or fringe area in a heavy side.
Make a pair of ponytails by separating the hair into 2 sections with a zigzag part and using elastic bands. Work with one section at a time. Take out the elastic and separate the hair in 3 diagonally-split pieces. Now make a normal tri-strand braid, starting with the outermost section and crossing it over the center, then taking the inner one and crossing it over the center. As you do this, remember to pull the hair to the opposite side where the ponytail is. When you’re done, secure with an elastic band and start the same work on the other ponytail section, repeating the same steps. You will notice that the pieces will begin to cross over one another, while you braid diagonally downward. Wrap a band around it when you’re finished.

Keep the braid in place with the help of a small bobby pin placed underneath, and wrap one braid around to the front. Do this motion for the other braid as well. Take the tails of each section, tuck them, and – in order to hide the loose ends – loop through the petals of each braid. Repeat with the other section of braid. It’s done. Wonderful!