How to make a Smartphone Bumper

Nowadays pretty much everyone owns a smartphone. But having such a phone can be really frustrating sometimes. Just think about the times you accidentally dropped the phone and thought, "this is it, my phone is ruined" as the display can crack and then you would have to replace the phone. To avoid these situations, here is a tutorial of how to make a smartphone bumper out of rubber bracelets. You will need: 

a phone (obviously);
3 rubber bracelets;
an x-acto knife;

As you can see you will need three bracelets for this project. If you have enough patience, one will be enough, but just in case you don't get it right on the first try you will still have 2 extra bracelets to try again. Start with stretching the rubber bracelet on the edges of your phone. Be sure to cover every corner, as that is the place where you need your phone to be secured. If you managed to fit the bracelet on the phone, all you have to do is take the x-acto knife and cut out the parts where you have the headphone jack, the place for the charger and the buttons on the sides of the phone. You are done! Your new smartphone bumper is ready, looks great and didn't cost you a lot of money.