Lasagna Timpano Recipe

A colorful and multi-flavored dish is something all of those working in the kitchen want to achieve. Satisfying everyone’s taste is hard work, so a recipe that will suit many is the Lasagna Timpano. In order to make this, you will need: 

a heavy oven safe bowl;
lasagna pasta;
pesto sauce; 
tomato with meat sauce;
Alfredo sauce;
Mozzarella and Parmesan cheese;
a bit of Ricotta;

First, prepare the sauces and spray the bowl before using it. You could undercook the meat and tomato sauce a bit, as it will cook in the oven later on; it’s your choice. Now, make the lasagna crust by placing each slice of pasta overlaying on top of each other in a deep bowl. This part is tricky, but with some patience, you will get it done. After this, start pouring the layers of your lasagna. You could do whatever layers you want, but in order to get that multi-flavor, follow this design: three Alfredo with salami layers, two layers of pesto layers (remember to press down on each layer as you build them), a layer with only cheese, as many layers of the meat and tomato sauce as you can or want (but make sure you still have some to serve on the side), and a sprinkle of Ricotta. Brush some Alfredo on top. Seal up the whole thing and put in the oven for an hour and fifteen at 350 degrees. Then, flip it over, only (!) after you have let it to sit for about half an hour. Cut and serve! Delicious!