Destroy Mold With Tea Tree Oil

Sometimes, cleaning products you buy from the store aren’t useful in solving your staining problems. That’s when they don’t cost a fortune and when they don’t ruin the fabric. Mold is one problem that can regularly come up in the household. To bypass the fuss of all the above, you will need to use a natural tree oil solution. If you want to remove the mold permanently you will use this, because bleaches will only affect it temporarily. The tea tree oil is a good solution because it has boosted anti-bacterial as well as anti- fungal properties. Here is what you need to have and do:

tea tree oil;
toothbrush and scrub brush;
sponge, cloth and towel;

Make sure you leave the window open as often as possible. This is essential for preventing mold to grow in the first place. Now, to start the naturally removing process you need to mix two teaspoons of oil with a couple of cups of water. Pour the resulting substance into a spray bottle and you’re ready to clean. 

Apply the solution directly on the mold you find on walls. Leave it for an hour. Then, remove the debris with the help of a scrub brush or an unused toothbrush, so you can reach finer areas. Continue to spray on the affected areas, like your bathroom. Don’t rinse the tree oil off! Be patient and let it work for a while. Some 30 to 60 minutes will do the trick. Use the brush again to wipe down the walls of the affected space, like the shower.  Remember that for the bathroom you have to spray the area on a regular basis.