DIY Cardboard Organizer Box - Tutorial

Boxes are a great way of storing things you don't use that often. But when it comes to simple cardboard boxes, they are rather dull and unaesthetic. That is why you should gives these cardboard boxes a makeover and create something nice for your room. Try and turn them into stylish organizers with this next tutorial. You will need: 

one plain wooden box (that does not have compartments on the inside);
cardboard boxes (you can use 2 milk cartons);
wrapping paper;
30 clothespins;
fabric glue;

Start by cutting the milk cartons in 3 equal pieces. Then take the box you have bought from a decoration store and place the wrapping paper inside. Wrap the pieces of milk cartons you cut with the wrapping paper to cover the label on the outside. Use glue to fix the paper. Take the wooden box and cover it with fabric on the outside. Cut the fabric and using the fabric glue, fix it on the outside of the box. Then place the cardboard pieces in the box. You should have 6 pieces, as shown in the picture. Glue them to the margins of the box and place clothespins all around the box and let the glue dry a while. After the glue has dried, you can decorate the outside of the box with ribbons. You can also use other decorative elements to outline the compartments on the inside of the box, as shown in the pictures. That is all!