Bear Shaped Omelette

Have a healthy lifestyle, not by starting some peculiar Stone Age diet, but by smiling more. What great way to do this than while grabbing a bite. Making funny and cute dishes is no stranger to parents, who have to make that broccoli lunch more appealing. Try the same level of creativity with this unique fried rice little bear dish. You will need:

an omelette;
4 scoops of fried rice;
a slice of cheese;

Obviously, the first step is preparing the omelette. This will be the future blanket of your bear, so make sure it will preferably be one whole piece. Set that pan aside on the cooker and fry the rice meanwhile. You ought to finish the rice first. Put a couple of scoops in the plate, with one scoop on the upper right side. Cover the first two scoops with the omlette; this way it will be kept warm when served. Decorate the upper right side scoop (the head of your little bear shape). Make the years with what rice you got left in the pan. Put some rice in front of the head and tuck it in the omelette a bit. Now, cut two small circles from a slice of cheese. Make a nose with one and half the other in order to use as ears. Put tiny oregano leaves on the nose and on the head to act like eyes. Place the remaining slice of cheese next to your teddy bear. Enjoy it with a smile on your face!