DIY Felt Heart

Follow the steps of this simple tutorial and you will get a cute vase that can be a great gift too for someone special. In order to create it you will need: 

one mason jar;
Baker’s twine;
a piece of red felt;
one large needle;
glue (you can also use tape);

Start with cutting the felt in heart shapes. Place the baker's twine in the needle and pull it through the middle part of the heart. Continue this step until you have the number of hearts you want on the thread. Pay attention to leave a small space between the hearts, as they will look more organized this way. Now with the help of glue, fix one end of the baker's twine to the mason jar. Then wrap the twine around the jar and glue the loose end at the top. That is all. You can now admire your creation and don't forget to share this great idea with your friends too.