DIY Nail Art

Making art is very easy nowadays, with the DIY movement growing stronger in numbers by the day. Today it's all about personalizing your style with art. And your nails are the perfect temporary canvas for this. In just 6 simple steps, you can transform an ordinary nail coloring to an extravagant yet elegant artwork. First of all, color your nail. After the paint has dried up, take a pair of scissors and cut some bandage tape. Place the strips in a way that the color visible from the gaps is geometrically pleasing and art oriented. You can see triangle like forms in the image, but you can experiment with whatever shape you desire; after all, art like beauty, is in the eye of the beholder. Then, the next step is to paint over the nail (with the strips still taped on) with a different contrasting color. Remove the bandage tape. Add a small dot with the tip of to nail brush to finish your artwork.