How You Choose The Bathroom Sink?

For a bathroom to be firstly functional, it is necessary to be furnished accordingly, with all the equipment needed. Of course, its functionality stays on the first place, but you don’t have to forget the esthetic part. To combine pleasantly these two aspects, you have to analyze the offers best.
Respecting the basic rule, that of functionality, the designers conceived spectacular models in the field of plumbing. Taking into account that the plumbing represents the ‘furniture’ of the bathroom and its most important element, the choice must be made according to your needs as well as to the decorative style of the room.
An important and indispensable piece from a bathroom is the sink. The classical, white, rounded model suspended on the wall does not represent anymore the only option. Now, there is a variety of models and you also have the possibility to choose the material of which they are made too, that is ceramic, stainless steel, marble, copper, glass, plastic, granite. To do the best choice when you buy the sink, you have to consider few aspects: the available space, the frequency of using it (if the bathroom is used often, the material of which the sink is made must be a resistant and easily sanitized one) the color, the shape and the size (to match the rest of the sanitary objects)
In small bathrooms, in order not to occupy too much space, the suspended or the legged sinks are the most recommendable. These are fixed easily and they match many styles of interior design, from the contemporary to the Victorian one. Besides another advantage of these sinks is that they can be fixed at any height you want. The large spaces may dispose of sinks with attached cabinet being thus ideal in case you need storage space. For the spacious bathrooms there is also the option of sinks placed on countertop supports. With such choice you’ll give a more stylish and elegant aspect to the room. Both pieces are made of the same material and are easily maintainable.
Trough its form and color, the sink may influence the design of the whole bathroom. The most frequently used sinks are the simple ones, made of ceramic, specific to the classical style. These are so requested because of the lasting character of the material they are made of but also because of the price which is convenient enough. To put it into light, choose the less common shape for a sink – oval, rectangular or asymmetrical – and a dark blue or green color. If the style of the bathroom is a modern one, choose a sink of glass with a nonconformist model, to match the overall décor.
Less used, but very impressive, are the copper sinks. This type of material changes its color in time, eventually reaching a light shade of bronze. The copper sinks integrate very well in a vintage décor. No matter the style adopted, if you want the final outcome to be the desired one, there must be a chromatic compatibility among the materials used.
Ideas of sinks:
1. The aquarium-sink
A real visual ‘feast’, the aquarium-sink can just fascinate. Its underwater model, with fish and other marine creatures, reminds you of vacation and sunny places, where you’d probably like to spend the old ages.
2. The spiral-sink
Robust, of a shape that reminds us of a snail’s house and suitable for a sober and avant-gardist style, the spiral-sink could anytime be the ‘sensation’ of any bathroom. The little ones could immediately find many ideas for playing in such a creative sanitary room.