DIY Cute Easter Craft

Does Easter preparations scare you? They shouldn't! Making the appropriate decorations can be stress-free if you choose the DIY version of things. Take this cute Easter craft you could easily make in no time. It doesn't require intricate skills or materials and the steps are quite simple. Grab the following: 

a tin planter;
a couple of Styrofoam cubes;
shredded paper or Easter craft grass;
lollipops or any other treats on a stick;
a can of glossy spray paint;

Begin with spraying the planter and leaving it to dry overnight. After some 20 to 24 hours have passed, take the planter and almost fill it with the foam cubes and some shredded paper. Don’t be very thorough at this point. You now need to stick the lollipops (preferably they have an Easter motive) into the foam. Then, it’s time for a neat job covering the Styrofoam entirely with the paper or grass. You want the bunnies to look like they are popping from the ground, not from the foam. Decorate some more with some personalized tags and/or ribbons. And there you have it: a beautiful display done entirely by you. DIY FTW!