How to Make a Colorful Cloth Hanger

Everyone thinks design is a hard and intricate job which requires a high amount of study and dedication. The truth is the DIY world has broken the barriers of the design universe and with some few tips and tricks you can too make some stylish and custom pieces. To make this colorful hanger, you will need the following:

  • a wood hanger;
  • cans of different color spray paint;
  • a roll of masking tape;
  • a permanent marker;
The steps are quite easy and the result depends on your artistic sense, and not necessarily skills. I underline sense, because the technique is simple. It involves sticking the tape over the bits of the hanger you want to leave in one color. For example, if you want to make a large portion yellow, like the one in the picture, you cover the area where you plan to color differently. When done with the yellow, remove the tape and repeat the procedure as many times as you want to color. Remember to let the paint dry before taping! Use the marker to add some cool highlights or drawings to it. Congratulations!