Smart Kitchen

Nowadays, many people find their kitchen an area where they feel comfortable but don’t necessarily have the utility they wish for at hand. Designers Liu Guang Kui, Cheng He and Zhou Dong created a smart kitchen cupboard to respond to this need. The kitchen they came up with has a modern touch to and will definitely make use of the space of the kitchen to the fullest potential. Cleverly engineered to combine all need from the cooking area into one round piece of furniture, the smart kitchen might be the answer to every person’s pleads. It is composed of three main work areas: cooking, washing and mixing. The cupboard takes double-deck rotators constructions that can move 180°. Leave the board type, slide rail and hinge of the traditional cupboard completely. This cupboard respects the construction frame of aluminum alloy and the combination of stainless steel tube as the whole structure. Take level bearing, hydraulic pressure system, shutting system to execute lifting of cupboard and wall cupboard. Lower cupboard is drawing structure, can pull out entirely while using, and make the action simplify.