These 8 Epic Food Fails Will Make You Feel Better About Your Cooking

Setting up the table might be an easy task, but preparing the actual dishes of food is most likely to get out the best (or worst) in you. In order to keep calm in the kitchen, even if the meal you invested a lot of work and stress into didn’t come out the way you planned, watch the amount of mess people manage to do to their cooking projects. You will feel better when realizing there are so epic fails out there. 

1. Pasta should be not be stuck to the pan to the extent you can hold it upside down with no result.

2. The art of cooking involves not burning the entire or even half of the counter.

3. Be careful not to use the microwave in the way you aren't suppose to, like inserting metal bowl or objects, unbroken eggs etc. 

4. Even though you may be creative, there is a certain common sense rule that a tennis racket is not recommended for draining the ravioli.

5. When cooking something, you might want to not forget the pan on the stove for too long. The result will surprise you!

6. And also, if anything catches on fire, like let's say pasta, don't try to continue to cook it; even if it's in water.

7. People may say eggshells contain a lot of vitamins they shouldn't be fried in the pan together with the eggs themselves.
8. Another rule of microwave cooking is the lid: remove it before setting the timer.