DIY Crafting Desk

With all the crafting projects all around the internet, you probably have a big stack of craft suppliers lying in a corner. If you feel the need to organize them, then you should definitely follow the steps of this next project and build a nice and useful crafting desk. This way you will have both a working space and a lot of space for your supplies. You will need: 

storage cubes (you can find them at Home Depot);
a wooden board (for the top part);
shelving units;
paint (choose a neutral color, so your eyes won't get tired while crafting);

Start by building the desk. You will create it out of the shelving units and you can make the desk any shape you want. For inspiration take a look at the pictures. Paint each wooden piece and let the paint dry. You can do this on the balcony or in the garden. Assemble the desk and place the top board on it. You can also drill some holes in the board for your laptop and other things you use that have cords. This way your desk will be clean and nothing will disturb you while crafting. Add the storage cubes to one side of your desk. Now all that's left is putting your craft supplies into the storage units and begin searching for new and awesome DIY projects.