Fantasy Beds For a Soothing Sleep

The kids’ room is one of the few rooms that allow you a display of your imagination with almost no restrictions. But it would be preferable to pay attention to their options and their fantasies too, especially if they are a bit elder. And who doesn’t know how important is the kids’ bed, the vehicle that transports them to the land of their dreams? Color their dreams with colored ideas no matter if you have a little girl or a little boy. In all the story books we read about castles, dragons, fairies and emperors. Wouldn’t it be an interesting and nice idea to give them all a material form too? Why not to have a bed in shape of castle where the kid to be emperor or wizard? A fantasy bed is every child’s wish and dream.For our little princess it would be perfectly if she slept in a golden carriage or in a castle. Our little boy will feel the happiest if he stayed and drove towards the Wonderland in a bed in the shape of a racing car. Or a little but audacious sailor will be very proud if he sailed in a ship or in his own vessel. If his friends will want to stay overnight then you’ll have a granted dreamlike party for the kid.The furniture companies from abroad have started to make since several years unique and funny models. They are more and more focused in the idea of a never-to-be-forgotten bed which transforms the room in the ideal playground but it also tempts the kids to sleep.
           Still, there is one important thing that has to be considered – these fantasy beds are a bit larger than the usual ones and they need a larger space for them and the attached accessories. Speaking about the price, it is also expensive enough. Obviously, after they grow up, they won’t be so pleased with it, therefore prepare another place where to deposit it for the grand-sons’ use maybe.The young ladies will be pleased to have princess cribs, that is with canopy and colored curtains fastened with bows. These will be preferred even later, by the teenagers.The bed can also be of a golden carriage shape or of a botanic multicolored garden shape. The colors can be very vivid. The beds painted in floral motives in the style of the Venetian ones will be admired and valued by the girls. All the boys will prefer the car-shaped bed of any type, with painted or attached wheels. The bed linens in black, white or red plaids will complete the competitive atmosphere.Also for boys, there are the ship-shaped or nautical-vessel-shaped beds. They are very beautiful. And the accessories, colored in blue or green, will create the illusion of an ocean full of adventures.The fantasy bed could belong to any princess, story teller, magician or young artist. The main asset of such a bed is its unique color and shape.
In case the dormitory is small and the bed occupies a lot of space, we can search for concepts and alternatives to solve this problem. Thus there is a variety of types of beds having different sizes and models. In this situation, the solution is a folding bed that can be hidden in the wardrobe during daytime. The linen can be attached to the mattress by a special belt. The disadvantage is that such a bed needs a lot of space, as for the wardrobe there is little space left. You may opt therefore for the electrical variant of this bed, so with a simple push of a button, the bed can disappear. Something similar can also be used for the guests, especially if the wall of the room is big, and this can be converted into a double-bed. It also represents the ideal solution to administrate efficiently the space of the room.