A Daily Juicing Routine for Optimal Cellular Nutrition

Spring is a tricky season, not just for the plants, flowers and animals, but for people as well. This is the time when our immune system is in somewhat danger of being easily attacked by germs and other pesky viruses. So, in order to prevent this from happening, try a special nutritious and energetic juice routine. Take this daily doze of natural nutrients and your body will feel refreshed and almost fully powered up. There are 4 steps, actually 4 juices, involved in one day of freshness, as follows:

1. In the morning, squeeze a lemon in a cup of water and drink it entirely

2. Then, at mid-morning, juice some four oranges and maybe a lemon or grapefruit. Bottoms up!

3. At noon, the `green monster` enters the arena. A mix of freshly squeezed cucumber, a green apple, a lemon with rind, three pieces of celery, a hand of parsley, one of spinach and one of kale. 

4. And finally, in the afternoon, drink a glass of juiced small beet with three carrots, three pieces of celery, a red apple, apiece of ginger and a lemon with rind. Your immune system will feel great!