Ranch Potatoes Recipe

If you like those dishes that both look great and taste even greater, you will adore this recipe for Ranch Potatoes. Make the perfect lunch for you and your friends by preparing this delicious plate of homemade potatoes with crunchy mouth-watering slices of bacon. In order to get the same tasty result as the one in the photo, grab the following ingredients and pay attention to the few instructions:

ten medium size potatoes;
six slices of bacon;
a can of mushroom soup;
a cup and a quarter of milk;
an envelope of ranch dressing mix;
a cup and a half of shredded cheddar cheese

Start with peeling and cutting the potatoes into half an inch cubes. Cook the bacon and crumble it afterward. Boil the potatoes for some 10 minutes then transfer the drained potatoes from the saucepan to a greased baking dish. Meanwhile, stir the soup with the dressing, milk and only a cup of cheese in a bowl and then pour it on the potatoes. Maybe mix them a little in the dish. Take the bacon and sprinkle it all over. Do the same with the remaining cheese. Place in the oven for half an hour at  350°F. Enjoy!