The Water Mattress Has As Advantage… The Health

Everyone of us spends more than three quarters of life sleeping This is why searching and acquiring an appropriate bed must be one of our priorities when it comes to arranging our apartment.From a historical point of view, the water beds already have a past. Since more than 3000 years ago, the old Persians would have slept on goat hides filled with water. The ‘modern’ inventor of these mattresses is the British doctor William Hopper. In 1851, he presented a new mattress which was mostly dedicated to patients suffering of joint affections and pains especially in the back area. In time, the technique of manufacturing such mattresses developed and new materials were used. Today, these beds enjoy a real success especially in the USA and in Scandinavian countries where they are used by almost 30% of the population.
The greatest advantage of these water beds is the flexibility and the capacity of collapse: the mattress has to be adjusted to the human body not vice versa. This way the optimal blood circulation is guaranteed. These beds are recommended to those who suffer of health affections or to those that want to avoid or to prevent these problems. Besides it has been proved that they are fit for pregnant women too. After many studies, it was proved that to these advantages one may also add the fact that the time while a person is being asleep on such a mattress, is far shorter than that spend by a person who uses a normal mattress for sleeping.The water beds are recommended by the specialists to allergic persons too, because the cover of the mattress can be easily cleaned and the microbes are removed quickly. The mattresses can be heated too because of a heating element which is found below. From the outside, there are just few differences between a normal and a water bed. These differences are minor and they pass almost unnoticed.
Besides the advantages listed above, there are also few particularities that worth being taken into account. The weight: a double water bed weights lightly: 750 kg. This aspect should be considered by those who often change their furniture or its position in the room or by those who move very frequently from a place to another. In case of moving, the whole content of the mattress must be poured. In fact, this needs from time to time a substance against the forming of bacteria, and heating is also costly enough.
The price? This differs from a country to another, from a producer to another and from a material to another, depending on the quality certificates of both the mattress and the heating system. A double bed may reach even 300- 1500 Euro and those made of leather cost more. In case you want to acquire such a bed, it is recommendable to actually go in specialized shops and to be guided by authorized advisors .You may sleep on any mattress, but you cannot have a real rest on any one! The mattress is the one that makes the difference between a morning when you are eager to face a new day and one when you are still feeling the fatigue of the day before.
We are billiards of people on the Earth and there are zero chances to find two people that sleep in the same way. However everyone of us needs the same thing: a resting sleep after each tiresome day. A sleep after which to wake up with a smile on the lips depends crucially on the quality of the mattress. You spend a third part of your life in bed, so the mattress has an important role for your health and for your good state of mind. Billions of people don’t manage to have rest, thing that can lead to apathy, memory problems, incapacity of doing certain things or of concentration, and in extreme case, also to hallucinations. Make sure that you’re not one of them! Read, compare and verify if you want to enjoy the healthiest choice!