How to make cancer killing soursop juice

People have tried many alternatives to chemo therapy, but with little success. The drama of a person with cancer is something not many people wish to discuss, but with more and more cases developing each year, it's better to be informed rather than `in the dark`. This is what this tutorial is trying to do, in a way. There is a plant, Soursop (Guanabana) by its name, which can be used for all sorts of beverages and juices which will help increase the immune system and kill malignant caner cells. It can also slow down the growth of the diseased cells but in a non-intrusive way like chemo therapy for instance. This wonder-fruit has no registered side effects and is highly sought for it high vitamin C content, pain relieving effects. You can make tea out of it, or take it to the blender for a refreshing drink. The Soursop is also recommended for arthritis or other inflammatory diseases, diabetes and maintains a healthy heart. It's one of those miracle fruits that you hear about on TV. Rich in fiber and with a sour-sweet taste, it will add up nicely into a complete healthy diet.