DIY & Tutorials Bracelets

If you like to make your own jewelry and accessories, then stop searching for other websites: you have reached the right place. Take a few minutes to browse this page and we’re sure you’re going to love these next tutorials. Below you will find some great examples of handmade bracelets that will match any taste, from more colorful ones to some that are easier to make and have a simple look. You can make bracelets from yarn, wire and even safety pins, such as those in the picture. Bracelets made from safety pins are simple to make as you will only need safety pins, beads and a nylon cord to put the safety pins on. Bracelets made out of yarn or strings are still popular, you only have to braid the string to make such an accessory. You can also attach a small metal charm to it, such as the one with the anchor in the picture and you will have a new stylish piece of jewelry. For more inspiration take a look at the pictures below, gather your girlfriends and start creating new and exciting pieces of jewelry together.