Colorful Apartment With An Impressive Design In London

London is best known for its neutral and rather dull colors. But this colorful apartment is an impressive exception. Created by Interior Desires, this colorful apartment was designed specifically for a couple with five children. So, extra care was put into conceiving this cozy and stylish residence. The home opens to the outside world through a wooden-floored breathtaking balcony.
 The rounded sofa in the living room has a very lively look due to its colors of red, yellow, green and light blue. Emphasis was placed on furniture, and especially on the material used for cushions, chairs and curtains. Every bedroom is flawless, with very well chosen colors. The colorful living room and bedrooms, the sober bathrooms and the kitchen (black and brown in the bathrooms, and bright white in the kitchen) all contribute to the beauty of the apartment.