Inspired Design For A Small Apartment

Having a small apartment can sometimes limit your imagination when it comes to design and making use of the space available to you. But this tiny apartment we’re showing you proved us wrong. It is a 36 square meters apartment, which has a very inspiring design. It is a loft that has two levels, connected by a swirling staircase and what makes the apartment look brighter and more spacious are the colors and the nice decorations. The apartment is located in Sao Paolo, in Brazil and the whole concept belongs to Alan Chu, whose main purpose was to create an apartment which has plenty of space and a bright and joyful design, all this by trying to fit in a smaller budget. The apartment is owned by a businessman, who has recently separated from his wife and wanted a fresh start. And that is what the designer offered him, a bright and nicely organized apartment. The interior design mixes wood with glass and the living room has an incorporated kitchen. The bedroom is situated on the top floor and has a more minimalistic design, also creating a more relaxing and private space for the owner.