Make 46 Awesome Freezer Meals For Just $95 (In Only 4 Hours!)

One of the advantages of frozen homemade meals is that you will make cooking so much easy when you reach a lazy moment or you run out of time to prepare something for friends or family. Giving the DIY freezer meals a go will make sure you don't resort to the microwave solutions from the supermarket every time you are in a time or recipe crisis at home. Here is a nice way you can do almost 46 different types of meals in 4 hours, with only 100$. A nice trick is using the same marinade for a number of meat types. Also, feel free to prepare the same meat in various ways. Maybe chop a chicken breast and marinade the second one. Try a bunch of recipes, from parmesan garlic chicken to cranberry chicken. You can play with these mixes with all of your meat. Also, soups are another method of ending up with a lot of variety from a small number of ingredients. Mix them up in a lot of ways (tomato soup, basil soul, pumpkin soup etc.) and don't stop until you run out of materials. Make the job in the kitchen a lot easier with baking potatoes twice before putting it into the freezer. Do the same with tasty hamburger meat and just throw a couple on the grill when you want one. Be ready for those lazy mornings and freeze some waffles. You will reach a point when your imagination isn't the limit, but the size of your fridge is!