Small Bedroom Storage Solutions

Having a small bedroom can be a downer sometimes, but if you use a bit of creativity you can transform your bedroom in ways that will fit your needs just perfectly. Sure, it may seem that it is a lot of work, but you will find out that it is very simple and takes almost no time. When storing your jewellery, you can use shadow box storage so you can sort out your necklaces, earring and bracelets separalety. You can create a front lock in order to access them much easily. You can hang these boces in your bedroom and you will see that they are an efficient way to organize your jewellery. You can also put them on a pedestal , placed on a dresser or you can use an old frame on which you can pin your necklaces. If the problem with your bedroom is that fact that it is too short, the the solution for this would pe to place benches along the walls and just put your books, vase and other decorations on them. This will create a room which will look longer. You can also place boxes and bins underneath these benches, thus creating even more storage space in your bedroom. Having blank walls can be an advantage, because you can add shelves and drawer. This is a cheap way to create more storage space. If your bed doesn’t have a headboard, them you can put up shelves and store your books on them, at the same time making your room look more stylish. These ideas will help you make the best use of the space available to you and you can even make your small bedroom look much bigger.