DIY Ribbon Braiding

Each braid is unique and beautiful in its own way and makes their owner look amazing. If you are having a date tonight and you don't know how to do your hair or simply want to go out and have fun with your girlfriends, then choose this next braid. You will only need your beautiful hair, a ribbon and one hair elastic. Take the elastic and place it on the end of the ribbon you are going to use. Make a ponytail with the elastic band and the ribbon and start wrapping the ribbon around your hair. Start making a classic braid, divide your hair into 3 parts, including the ribbon. Make the braid and try to keep the ribbon flat, so it will blend perfectly with the sections of your hair. When you are ready, secure your braid with an elastic band. You can place your hair on one side over your shoulder. Fix with hairspray and you are ready to go out and have fun!