Nice Apartment Decorating by Ryntovt Design

Based on “eco” principles, this design created by Ryntovt Design is a nice example of respect for nature, materials and love of design. It is a creation that implements both the needs of the client as well as the conception of the architect. It is a home created carefully, by choosing the best quality construction materials, improving the safety of the building and maximizing the reduction of waste and radiation, by developing an environmentally friendly house. The whole design is in harmony with the nature and the interior seems to be living a life of its own. On the ground floor you can find the living room with is connected with the kitchen and the dining area. Warmth and comfort is assured by the stove-fireplace. On this floor you will also find a guest room and a bathroom. In all of the bathroom, the washing faces the window, so the first thing you’ll see in the morning will be the outside world. The core of the whole interior are the staircases, which connect the two floors of the house. Here you can also find some storing places and some drawers inside the steps. The furniture was designed by Yuriy Ryntovts design company. All the items used in the decoration are made from natural materials, such as wood, metal and natural fabric. Everything in this house is functional and simple, creating a clean and welcoming environment, where you constantly feel surrounded by nature thanks to the grass placed between the glass planes.