DIY Marble Nail Art [video]

Beautiful and nice nails are a must for any women. This next tutorial will show you how to make yourself a neat and unique nail art to match all your evening outfits. It is a heart pattern for your nails that is more suitable for a special event than for an office environment. Your nails will look as if they were covered in marble. To create this nice nail pattern your will need: 

a bowl;
nail polish in two different colors (one darker and one lighter);
a stick;

Take out a bowl and fill it with water. Gradually add a pinch of each nail polish to the water. Alternate the colors, first add a drop of the darker color, then a drop of the lighter and then again one of the darker color. Always add the next color in the middle of the previous one, like a bulls-eye. Let the colors spread before adding the next drop. Repeat these steps 6-7 times. Take the sticks and draw a line in the colors at the top and bottom and then draw lines from the sides to the middle of the bowl. This way you will get the heart shapes, chained into each other. When you are done just place your nail in the bowl and the nail polish will cover it. Make sure to protect the rest of your finger so the nail polish will only cover the nail part. Dip your nail in the water and that is all. Looks beautiful, right?