Make Your Own Terrarium

Have you ever wondered about how it would be to have your own terrairum in your home? Well it is actually possible as it doesn’t require much of an effort and will be ready in no time. So what you need to do in order to create it yourself is to follow our steps. We preferred succulents as the main point in the terrariums because they are actually dry, desert denizens, their shape and nuance also remind us of seaweed and algae you would discover in the ocean. We picked tall, spiny aspect succulents for the settings, with a few grass-like land covers as well, to constitute algae. The glass bowls were picked up at a regional craft magazine and even if they are technically important to be votive holders, their shape mention us of old glass fishing balls. In plus you will need a few coarse sand and soil for cactus. There you have it, your own little homemade terrarium.