Contemporary Residential Project in Spain

A plain design that impresses with its unique style is what everybody wants for their home. Not too loaded, with a simple white overall paintjob, the Palma de Mallorca’s downtown residence may be confused with a holiday resort, as it uses its surroundings to its advantage and architectural success. The contemporary design of the house blending it smoothly in the natural environment makes it a real jewel in the old European peninsula.

With a spacious ground floor that involves the lobby, kitchen, dining and living room into one large exhibition of modern decorations, the design of Alfonso Reina doesn’t bother with complex architectural details. Sleek lines are guide for the exterior as well as the interior. Sliding doors make room for the both to interact in a very visual and colorful way. The white predominance is therefore dyed down in all rooms. The second floor follows the same concept, with bedroom touching forest through a big corner glass window. Hardwood floors and green plants are combined to give the warm home feeling, while the outside is beautifully soaked in the Spanish sun freely bouncing off the terrace and swimming pool.