DIY - Beautiful Christmas Tree

Holiday decorations are not that hard to make. Read this webpage and learn how to easily fashion your own beautiful ornament for this year’s Christmas. Make sure you have:
• some felt
• pins
• craft glue
• a pair of scissors
• a 3-7/8 inch x 8-7/8 inch foam cone
• 3/8-inch wide 18 feet rolls of ribbon in 2 colors
First, you have to cut a piece of felt as big as the bottom of the cone. Attach with craft glue on the cone. Take the ribbon and cut strips of 4 inches in length. Carefully not to crease the ribbon, fold the strips of in half, starting from the bottom of the cone. Pin the first row of colored ribbons around the whole cone. Start pining, in the same way, the second row of different color ribbon. Leave a space of 1/2-inches to 3/4-inches above the first row. Repeat the process to the top of the cone.
After you finish, hide the pins from the top row with a piece of ribbon long enough to fit around the tip. The purpose is to cover the pins to give it a nice look. Hide with glue or just wrap the piece of ribbon. Use a pre-made gift package bow as a tree top. Make the bottom piece the same size as the tip of the cone by trimming it and then attach it with some double-stick tape.
Wrap about 6 or 7 wire-edged ribbon (1/8-inch wide), around a pen to about halfway to give it a curly aspect. Position them around all sides of the bow, by putting them on the double-stick tape. Place a piece of regular tape on top of the ribbons to keep them in place. After turning over the bow, stick a couple of pins through its center. Go through the ribbons and tape in this process. Finish your neat Christmas tree by placing this on top of the cone.