DIY - Towel Storage Idea From Cans

             I propose you some simple but more special holders for the bathroom. Absolutely all the cans, including the tomato sauce ones or those used for compote, that you already have in your house can be reused for the most diverse decorations. The iron is easier to be recycled than the paper or the cardboard, since it is far more resistant. Either you choose to store the towels or other things, cans could be very useful when the space is not too large.

You need: strong glue, a colored ribbon made of paper, 4-6 big, empty boxes of paint, made of tin, as in the picture, a pair o scissors, a brush, some shining polish, a wooden panel and a drill.See how you can make out of these cans a beautiful holder for bathroom accessories. It is recommendable to use larger boxes for storing the towels for face and hands.

How to do this:
1. Wash the cans very well and detach the labels under hot water flow. Leave them to dry then attach a vividly colored sticker, white paper (as you can see in the photo) or paint (for iron).
2. Take the scissors and cut out flowers or other shapes drawn on a sheet of colored paper and polish them for brightness. Then let them dry.

3. Use the glue for iron and the brush so to stick the carvings on the empty boxes of paint.
4. At one end, stick one piece of the ribbon for a pleasant aspect.
5. Fix the boxes on the wooden panel using the drill or a strong adhesive, then, also by the drill, fix the panel on the wall you wish. You may replace the paint boxes with rectangular ones and store there make up or hygiene products.

                                                                                                 Very simple, isn’t it?