DIY - Paper Christmas Trees

DIY Christmas decorations are more popular with every passing year. People compete to give you the best solution or replacement for the commercial offer out there. With only $20 and in less than an hour, you can manufacture an adorable handmade holiday ornament, which will surely make some hearts melt on sight.
Here’s what you need:
• one large and one small Styrofoam cones;
• several large sheets of green construction or craft paper;
• some glue;
• a few buttons;
• a pair of scissors;
• miniature ornaments;
• taper candle;
Start by cutting 6 strips of paper (about 4 inches thick) in order to make the small tree. For the large one, use 11 pieces. Using a pair of scissors, make some fringes in each strip of paper. You do this by cutting 3 quarters through each strip, carefully not all the way through the paper.
To give the tree a neat look, you have to trim each strip to fit around, as every ascending strip should be a bit smaller than the other. Wrap the strips around the cone, starting at its base. Cover the whole tree and mark where you’ll need to trim each strip.
To give the strips a curly look, take a taper candle and wrap each strip around it. The ‘branches’ should be of perfect size and all curled now. Glue the largest strip around the bottom of the cone. Repeat this step up to the top of the tree, slightly overlapping the strips. When you reach the top layer, use a round piece of paper, fold down its edges, and glue the remaining strips around it. Decorate the tree with buttons or other miniature ornaments, like a small star. Done!