A Baby's Foot

Foot massages aren't just for overworked adults who are stressed out after a full day at work. They do some great results when dealing with a baby's problems. Be careful as this is not a replacement for proper health care and medication, but a relaxing technique to calm a baby when it cries and feels all kind of discomfort in their little bodies. The foot has different areas that correspond to a certain area of the body. Apply gentle pressure to the areas mentioned below in order to soothe some of the areas where the baby might have some problems. For instance, the toes are linked to the head and teeth and everybody knows much of the problems of youth are related to these areas. The belly of the toes is for relieving discomfort from sinuses, whilst the center of the foot has a corresponded to the solar plexus of the baby. The heal area is known to be linked to the pelvic region and last, but not least, the abdominal area is divided into two (upper and lower sides) which is said to bring comfort to the belly of your baby.