The Rekindle by Benjamin Shine

We all agree that candles can be quite the romantic ambiance setter. They come in all sizes and shapes, and can release almost any kind of fragrance you might think of when lit, to the entire room. But there is a problem with candles! A problem that nearly prevents people from using candles in a regular way. The thing we're talking about is the melting wax, of course. Although seen as a romantic addition to an interesting foreplay, melting was is kind of a pest to furniture and fabric. When you lit a candle, you are constantly worried about the wax not burning off your bedside counter or living room coffee table. With the Rekindle Candle you don't have to think like that anymore! The special designed candlestick holder is actually collecting the drips of hot wax that melt away when the candle is burning. The wax is accumulated into a transparent stem around a centrally positioned wick. When filled, you can easily remove the new candle from the container and start all over again. The beautiful and very useful product can be made in stainless steel but also in porcelain and aluminum. One use of this device and you will definitely want to use it again and again, every day, turning you into a cureless romantic!