Easy Recipe For Making Candy Apples

Classic desserts never get old; that's why they call it classics! Today, we suggest a great and easy recipe for making Candy Apples. But not just any candy apples, but the kind you will definitely want to enjoy with a fork and knife.

Here is our version of Creative Candy Apples and what do you need in order to achieve the same result:
·         six apples;
·         half a dozen of skewers;
·         pot;
·         pastry brush;
·         bowl for water and bowl for topping;
·         a candy thermometer;
·         baking sheet;
·         half a cup of light corn syrup;
·         a couple of cups of sugar;
·         three quarters of a cup of water;
·         toppings like toffee, chocolate chips, jelly bears, candy corn;
·         (optional) food coloring of your choice;

First, make sure your toppings are shredded into small bits so they will adhere to the apples nicely. Pout each into a bowl and continue towards the next step. Apples should be speared by skewers in the top part, where you'll usually find small leaves. Then, move onto cooking the syrup with sugar and about a cup of water. This will require medium to high heat and you stirring it until the sugar is dissolved. Afterward you can bring it to a boil. Take the bowl with (warm) water and the pastry brush soaked in it, because you aren't supposed to stir in the pot anymore, but are advised to brush the sides of the pot in order to stop the forming of crystals. To get a soft candy mixture, simmer it until the temperature hits 290 degrees Fahrenheit.

Now, take your apples by the skewers and dip them, one at a time, completely into the candy. You could swirl your apples in the tilted pot to make sure they are fully coated. Next, it's entirely up to you what toppings you would like on your teeth-soaring apples. Dip each apple in a bowl you prepared earlier. If there is any space left on a certain apple after you dipped once, move onto another bowl of toppings and repeat the step. Feel free to combine them in any way you think they might be more delicious or look better. When done, place all apples on a baking sheet and transfer into the fridge. Bon appetite!