DIY Paper Flower Easter Egg Stand

Festivities are always a good chance to exercise your decorating skills. For this Easter, how about you make an inexpensive stand for the eggs on your table? With some simple material, like crepe paper, you too can design an impressive flower shape stand which you can also use as a small basket for carrying the Easter eggs around. It will definitely make the eggs look cuter and the room's interior design will be refreshed as well. Here is a list of items necessary for this DIY project:

some pink crepe paper;
a piece of green crepe paper;
a stick of glue;
a toilet paper roll;
a pair of scissors;
a rubber elastic band;

The instructions are fairly easy. Cut a toilet paper roll in half and use it as a model for cutting the crepe paper; although this piece should be slightly higher than the TP roll. Make 2 or 3 pieces of paper. First, cover the inside and fold the top margin outward in a rather curly manner. Then, cover the outside of the roll and fashion the top side into a more petal like shape. Use a separate strip of crepe paper to mold and cut into petals. Now, move on to cutting the grass strip from the green crepe paper. Attach it to the flower-TP roll via a rubber band (if you want to use it upside-down) or glue (if you want to use it in the normal position. Attach a handle out of stick to the sides of the TP roll and hope the glue will sustain it. Or just use the basket in a decorative way, not transportable one. It’s great!